Church Planting Bootcamp

What is the Church Planting Bootcamp?

The Midwest District joins with other districts in the EFCA in offering the Church Planter's Bootcamp, a premiére training event several times a year in select locations around the country.

The four-day intensive Bootcamp experience is led by experienced church planters who serve as instructors and coaches. Spouses of church planters are encouraged to attend.

The curriculum, which includes hands-on learning activities, is designed to provide practical instruction in subjects covering the essential skills and knowledge needed in the first two crucial years of a new church.
  • Day one covers preparation issues including an apologetic for church planting, the essential skills needed in a planter, spiritual preparation including building a prayer team, family preparation, and emotional preparation.
  • Day two covers conception issues including clarifying your values, targeting your ministry focus group, defining your mission, focusing vision, designing your ministry flow chart, and building a shared vision.
  • Day three covers prenatal issues including building your launch team, building through evangelism, building through preview services, building through small groups, assimilation, and a panel discussion with experienced church planters.
  • Day four covers birth and launching issues including creating good first impressions, money and ministry foundations, developing inspiring worship services, church health foundations, and developing a ministry action plan.

In addition to the above subjects, focus groups are utilized, as are times of corporate worship, fellowship and prayer. The participant will also benefit from coaching during the Bootcamp experience. Bootcamp is most beneficial to the planter who has completed the EFCA Church Planter Assessment process and who has also completed a draft church planting proposal. Seminary credit is available to those interested.

The EFCA also offers Spanish language Bootcamps twice a year.

Scholarship money is available for Midwest District planters who need help in covering the costs of Bootcamp. Please contact the Midwest District Office at if you are interested in attending the next EFCA Church Planter's Bootcamp.