Evaluation Tools for Churches

A bibliography of tools to help churches evaluate and improve their ministries

Guided Evaluation Tools

  • The MWD Ministry Team can walk your church through several different evaluation tools.
  • Church Equippers (how to get unstuck as a church) (contact Colby for coaching)
  • Church Staff Health Evaluation - by ChurchStaffing.com
  • The GO Center - a variety of tools (fee-based). Select the "Initiatives" menu item.
  • Patheway Ministries (pastor and church coaching, interim services) (note: not to be confused with the Pathway church leader training)
  • Walking the Walls (step-by-step coaching to build healthy teams & grow your ministry, led by a district church member Joe Chenoweth)

Self-guided Evaluation Tools

American Church Group's most requested forms

There are so many additional forms, resources and checklists on Brotherhood Mutual’s Safety Library online. You can also access Legal Assist where you can submit your questions directly to Brotherhood Mutual’s legal team for additional guidance. 

  1. Facility Use Agreement Form
  2. Participation Waiver Form
  3. Driver Screening Form
  4. Equipment Use Agreement
  5. Short-Term Trip Agreement
  6. Notice of Injury Form
  7. Photo Use Agreement
  8. Property Inventory
  9. Volunteer Application
  10. Volunteer Renewal Application