From the Team

A bibliography of resources recommended by the MWD Ministry Team and pastors in our district

From the All Peoples Ministry

From Colby Kinser (Superintendent)

  • The North Central District has a great set of resources, too. Click HERE.

From Donald Adams (Worship)

From Kerry Relihan (Regional and Global Initiatives)

  • Miraculous Movements, Jerry Trousdale - Disciple Making Movements are described. Chapter 13 is a great outline for how to apply this in your own setting. This book is about some ministries that I am currently in touch with and which ReachGlobal is partnering to reach Unreached People Groups in Africa.  
  • The Kingdom Unleashed Jerry Trousdale & Glenn Sunshine - This is a more in depth look at God’s Kingdom movements that are exploding around the world.  Useful to consider how to make it happen here in the US too. 
  • Check out the website - - to get a flavor of what is happening around the world among the people groups within the various nations.  Great tool for prayer or to see where your missionaries areSpeak with me if you are curious about or interested in using multitrack tech to support and fill-in your team, most useful when doing contemporary music. 
  • "Your Church Can Grow a Missionary" from ReachGlobal.

From Jane Schaible (Women's Leadership and Discipleship)

Note: the Midwest District of the EFCA is a complementarian organization, but recognizes the value of reading a variety of authors.

Midwest EFCA Women Leaders Facebook Group (private group, ask to join)


  • Carson, D. A. “Session 6a: Creation and Re-Creation – Male and Female in the Image of God, The Fall of Redemption.” EFCA Theology Conference, 2012.
  • Schreiner, Patrick. “Man and Woman: Toward an Ontology.” Eikon: A Journal for Biblical Anthropology. Vol 2, Issue 2 (Fall 2020): 68-86.
  • Smith, Claire. God’s Good Design: What the Bible Really Says About Men and Women. USA: Matthias Media, 2019.
  • Walker, Andrew. “Gender and Sexuality.” The Gospel Coalition. Accessed September 15, 2022.

Leadership Development

Partnering/Co-laboring with and Discipling/Training Women

  • Beynon, Graham & Jane Tooher. Embracing Complementarianism: Turning Biblical Convictions Into Positive Church Culture. The Good Book Company, 2022.
  • Cole, Kadi. Developing Female Leaders; Navigate the Minefields and Release the Potential of Women in Your Church. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, 2019. 
  • Kuhn, Chase. “Embracing Complementarianism with Jane Tooher: episode 084.” Centre for Christian Living (podcast). October 9, 2022.
  • __________. “The Practicalities of Complementarianism with Jane Tooher: episode 085.” Centre for Christian Living (podcast). October 30, 2022.
  • Wilkin, Jen. “Why Pastors Need Women Teachers (and vice versa).” September 13, 2013. Accessed November 3, 2022.
  • Yarbrough, Robert. “Session 10: Leadership in the Local Church and a Theology of Pastoral Care.” EFCA Theology Conference, 2012.

Valuing the Ministries of Women

From Lige Reed (NextGen)

MinistryGrid training from Lifeway

From Mike Sechler (Multiplication)

From Phil Green (Credentialing)

From pastors within the MWD

  • Historical biographies: Vance Christie has written several historical biographies on great men and women of faith, and is available to make presentations on their inspiring lives and ministries at churches, schools, camps, retreats and conferences. Check out for info on his books and speaking ministries.

From Trinity Evangelical Divinity School / Trinity International University

  • TEDS
  • TIU
  • TEDS Chapel Series - At TEDS, we’re not afraid of difficult theological discussions. This spring the TEDS chapel and lecture series, hear from respected theologians and pastors on why they remain faithful to the Gospel and how the Gospel thwarts the ideologies of the world. Information is also available on these platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin