Evangelism and Discipleship

A bibliography of tools to equip your church for effective evangelism and discipleship



Disciplemaking Pathways Samples

Disciplemaking with Teens

  • Bible Instruction Course - by Ed Bender and Jim Forestrom. It follows the old 12 pt EFCA statement of Faith. Updates to the new statement of faith are available (still tracking down where).
  • BRICK - Built Right In Christ's Kingdom. There is also a leader's guide.
  • Flip the Script, Disrupting Tradition for the Sake of the Next Generation, from Lifeway
  • Sex Talk 2.0 - an online course by Axis that is designed to make talking about every aspect of sex and sexuality easier
  • Coming soon: Bible Survey, Doctrine and Christian Living by Warren Coe (Former President of Village School of the Bible, and EFCA pastor). Will be available at NextStep Resources.

Disciplemaking with Children

Men's Ministry

Women's Ministry


The Engagement Project (the follow-on to the Bible Project)